Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I feel that study hall is affecting my career because if I miss just a few minutes I get suspended from practice. Therefore, I am missing out on key workouts and when you miss out on workouts, you fall behind and won't be able to succeed at your sport. People say practice makes perfect, and if I can't go to practice, then I will never be perfect. Ten hours a week is a bit extreme when it only stays open untill 10:00 pm, and I don't get out of practice untill about 6:30. By then, I am extremly exhausted and hungry. I never have time to eat because we can't eat in study hall and our coach says they do not want us to eat after 8:00 pm. How is this possible when I don't get out of study hall untill 8:00, 9:00 or 10:00 depending on how many hours I have. In my opinion, study hall is pointless because I honestly can't focus on studying. I am looking at my phone every second just to see how long I've been in there. If I just go in there and study I will eventually run out of things to study and fall asleep. To sum up this paragraph, study hall sucks!