Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visit from client

The client visit was pretty useful because she gave me a bunch of diffrent ideas for the group and plenty examples of things we could do. I really don't have any ideas for the group yet, but I've been thinking about a video involving me as a character similar to Flash, or Scotty doing somthing similar to the big linebacker guy we watched in class. My biggest concerns are getting an A out of this group project and getting an A in the class. In my opinion, the group is doing fine. We all get along well and enjoy working with each other. And, the question I had for you was answered in class.

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  1. I read you post Trent and I wanted to write about your outcome for the project proposal. When writing this you did not have a clue about what the polished product was going to be but I wanted to take the chance and say your groups vision was good and you stayed on track and I liked your proposal very much. I think the idea of Scottie the health linebacker is a great idea for a commercial and I hope to one day see it one Clemson's channel. I also thought that the idea of the radio station on the Cat buses was a great idea. Having the radio station always be on Clemson's radio with repeatitive commercials about Clemson Healthy Initiative. Good job!