Monday, February 23, 2009

My favorite 3

My first favorite presentation was by the guy who made the quesadillas, I forgot his name because I lost his handout, but I do remember that wonderful presentation. What made it so enjoyable was the taste. They were delicious. You can ask Jennifer too, she was up there eating about as many times as I was. I learned how to make a tasty quesadillas with pineapples. He was an effective presenter because he spoke loud and clear, he had great pictures for explaining what you needed, and organized slides. The next presentation I enjoyed was the Los huevos de la fiesta by Landon Ray. Of course it's one of my favorites because the dip was good, not quite like the quesadillas, but still pretty good. I learned how to make a Mexican snack. In my opinion, he wasn't an effective presenter because he wasn't loud and clear and didn't really seem excited about his presentation. However, the presentation was one of my favorites not only because the food was good but also because I learned how to make somthing new. My most favorite out of the three is The Best Active Athlete by David Gordon. This presentation was the most enjoyable to me because his idea was creative and different from any of the other presentations. I didn't really learn anything from the presentation because I am a athlete myself and I knew all the athletes he was comparing. He was an effective presenter because he spoke loud and clear, he added humor to his speech and, he had great pictures of the athletes. He never used any picture twice of each athlete. Also, the winner of all the athletes was Usain Bolt who in my opinion is the best athlete.

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