Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog topic for the week of March 2

My favorite presentation of the last couple was Camp Illahee. What I liked about the presentation was how she explained all the different things that were done at the camp, and she also had a schedule of how everything was set up. It was my favorite because the camp seems pretty fun, and I was intrested in the camp untill I found out it was for girls only. However, I may think about gettting my sister put in the camp because she is very adventurous, and she would have a great time there.
I have never made an electronic porfolio before. However, I know I will need a follow up letter, a proposal, meeting sheets, and project draft. I know I have to make a Google Page Website, but I don't know exactly how to make one, but it will be really nice to learn to make one. A demonstration in class will help me make a website.

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