Thursday, March 26, 2009

Terrible Miscommunication at regionals

I witnessed terrible miscommunication at outdoor regionals with our 4x100 meter relay team. Jacoby Ford and I had our handoffs perfected in practice as well as the day before the meet. He was the second leg and I ran third leg. So we are warming up for our race (handoffs are still perfect) and coach Charles Foster decides to come over and say, "hey Blu, move your mark up a couple steps," so I'm thinking in my head "what in the world is he thinking?" I can't voice my opinion on the call because he is the coach and its only respectful to do what your told by your coach. Jacoby has no idea that I had to move my mark up a couple steps. The race starts, CJ Spiller gets us off to a commanding lead then hands the baton off to Jacoby. Jacoby then takes away from the rest of the field and begins to get close to my mark. Note: the mark is way too far up the track. Jacoby hits the mark, then I take off as I get into the exchange zone and reach back for the baton. I hear Jacoby scream "BLU SLOW DOWN!" I slow down and literaly stopped right in front of the gold triangle and got the baton, but the meet official still puts up the red flag. So we win the race by a long way, but unfortunately, we were disqualified. This whole thing could have been avoided if coach Charles Foster would have just left the marks how they were.

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